Archery is a safe sport as we adhere to basic archery and sport protocols:

Range safety

  1. Obey all rules and commands of the Range Captain(s). (Includes whistle commands) Rules will be enforced 100%.
    • 2 whistles: Approach the shooting line.
    • 1 whistle: Nock an arrow and begin shooting.
    • 3 whistles: Place bows on stand or bow rack and retrieve arrows.
    • 5 or more whistles: Emergency! Stop shooting and wait for instructions!
  2. Horseplay on the range is not tolerated.
  3. Always walk on the range.
  4. Use arm and finger protection (or release aid) while shooting.
  5. Arrows remain in your quiver until instructed to shoot.
  6. Keep arrows pointed toward targets when on bows.
  7. If you drop an arrow, leave it.
  8. Shoot only at your target unless instructed otherwise.
  9. No chewing gum or eating on the range while shooting.
  10. No phones/texting on the range except to talk to parents or your ride.
  11. Excessively baggy clothing cannot be worn while shooting. 
  12. No open-toed shoes or flip-flops for indoor or outdoor shooting. (Archery and Camp rule.)
  13. Long hair must be tied back and jewelry (necklace) out of chest area.

Due to the nature of our sport you will receive one warning. The next time you will be asked to sit out the rest of the practice. If it happens again, you will be barred from shooting for the remainder of the season.

Weather safety


  • We shoot outdoors. In the summer the range can be very sunny and hot. While there is some shade, archers are advised to bring water bottles and use sun screen and bug spray.
  • If weather is threatening before practice, please check your email before you head out. We will review weather conditions as posted at and send an email notification if practice is cancelled.
  • If adverse weather occurs during practice, archers and coaches will retire from the range to the Camp’s Morris Center.

Camp map with archery field and Morris Center circled.hall at the bottom at Camp Chestnut Ridge Road.The Morris Center is the Camp’s Dining Hall. It is at the bottom loop of the Camp Chestnut Ridge Road. When you arrive in its parking area, it is the main building on the right. Follow the sidewalk.


In winter, weather conditions will not always be favorable for archery.  Since we want archery to remain fun and not something to dread, we have a winter policy. In the instance of inclement weather, at 1:00 pm on Saturday we will check

  • If it forecasts the temperature to drop below 45 between 3:00 & 5:00 pm in Efland, we will cancel practice.
  • We will also be mindful of any winter weather or flood warnings issued for Orange county. Archery is a safe sport and that includes coming to and from practice. If there are warnings in place, we will cancel.