Our coaches

Coach Eaton at a Saturday practice

Head Coach Allison Eaton

Coach Eaton is a former Cedar Ridge High School science teacher, who devotes her free time to helping others learn the joy and discipline that is archery.
She won the National Field Archers of America Outdoor National Championship (women’s recurve division) three years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013.)  She also has won the NC Field Archery Association’s Indoor Women’s Recurve Championship in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2014 she placed 2nd in the FITA Field Nationals and  represented Team USA in the World Field Archery Championships in Zagreb, Croatia! Allison was back on Team USA in the World Field Archery Championships in Dublin, Ireland. In 2017 Allison won the Shenk Award for the highest cumulative scores across Indoor, Outdoor and Field Nationals. She is a USA Archery Level 4 National Training System coach and currently competing in Barebow. She offers private lessons as her schedule permits.

Coach Wade Allen

Back in the dark ages Wade started with Milwaukee County Park archery lessons in Milwaukee, WI. He and his dad shot at Whiffen Archery. Larry Whiffen’s shop was like a candy store. All sorts of bows and equipment that you could try in the shop’s indoor range. After a break of many years Wade is shooting again. He is a Level 2 certified instructor and a USA Archery judge.  At the moment he has gone backwards, from shooting recurve to traditional long bow (aka “a stick”). Schedule permitting, he competes in USA Archery, NC Field Archery and British Long-Bow Society events. In 2017/18 Wade and Coach Kim were part of the first American team to compete in the British Long-Bow Society’s Portsmouth Postal Tournament. Their team took 4th. He also participates in the NC Senior Games.

Coach Kim Allen

After two years of acting as logistics manager for Wade and her son, Coach Kim decided she might as well give it a try, too. So at age 51, she took up archery. She is now a USA Archery Level 2 instructor and like her husband, a barebow and longbow archer. As her schedule permits, she competes in USA Archery, North Carolina Field Archery and British Long-bow events as well as the NC Senior games.


Coach Greg Ernandes

Coach Ernandes is a USA Archery Level 2 certified instructor.  He has been a coach at Wolf Ridge Archery since 2012.  Greg’s specialty is compound bows and he routinely places in the Top 10 male compound bow archers in state competitions.  He also shoots barebow well. In 2017 he won the North Carolina Field Archery State Indoor Championships in Senior Male Traditional (and set a new state record). He was also the National Field Archery Associations’ Southeastern Sectional Senior Male Traditional champion.  When he is not “arching,” Coach Ernandes builds sheds, bow racks, ground quivers and other equipment for the Club.  He is also the kids’ favorite substitute teacher at Cedar Ridge High school. 

Coach David Kuzminski

Coach David started archery a little later in life. After working with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Orange County for many years he one day found himself responsible for running the archery range at Cub Scout Day Camp. He did so after going through a BSA instructor’s course, but he figured that if he was going to continue doing this, he really should learn how to actually shoot! He joined WRA in 2016 and started learning from the other coaches. He now competes in the USA Archery State Outdoor Tournament as well as the North Carolina Senior Games archery competition and has won several of these events. We are going to overlook the fact that he’s usually the only one in his age group though! Now that he’s retired, he hopes to branch out into other events both locally as well as nationally. Like most of the other coaches, David is a certified USA Archery Level II Instructor. He is currently shooting barebow recurve but would like to add both compound and long-bow to his quiver.