The News at Wolf Ridge Archery

The News at Wolf Ridge Archery

Wolf Ridge Archery is a fun, safe and shooting club for archers ages 8 and up. We welcome anybody who is interested. No experience or equipment is necessary. We’re here for you whether you are shooting for recreation or prepping for the next tournament.

WRA practice sign ups

Thursday practices have resumed!!

Thursdays: Thursday practices have resumed!! 5:30pm – 7:30 pm

Saturdays: From 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Please sign up by noon that Saturday.

Registration is open for USAA Target Nationals and U.S. Open

Nationals will be August 14-17 in the Lubbock Texas.

As well as the individual event, there will also be both a mixed team and team competition. Plus, barebow will have their own masters division across the 50, 60 and 70 age classes, while a new barebow award will be presented to the top archer across Indoor Nationals, Field Nationals and Target Nationals.

Cary Archery will host the outdoor state shoot on June 22nd at Mills Park in Cary. In lieu of a registration fee we are taking donations at the gate for GX4 Adaptive Archery. We are doing this to support archery access development and access in the State. Because of the lack of the fee in the system, we have a higher-than-average contingency of non-joad teams filling the spots up. Please let your athletes know to go ahead and register sooner rather than later ( as in this week, we are already almost halfway full). I would rather process cancellations if people change their minds, than have shooters who normally compete not have a chance to shoot. If you know of any unaffiliated athletes who normally shoot, please pass this information along. FYI It shows as $.01 to generate a confirmation email. you can use the code NCSTATES to avoid a charge.

May tournaments

June tournaments

Congrats to Jacob Olmstead:

Jacob took Gold in Barebow U18 at the Gator cup. Photo provided by Easton Foundation’s Smug Mug.


Keep archery at the Senior Games!

Hi folks. The State Senior Games organizers are considering dropping Archery from their state championships! Our Hillsborough event had 15 Orange Co and 7 Chatham shooters and several more signed up, but did not shoot that day. So there is interest, we just need to make them aware of us. What we can do: 1) Sign up for this year’s state event. 2) Contact them. Tell them why you think that archery should remain and why you may not have attended recent games. If distance is part of the problem, let them know! You can email them (, use their contact form ( or call them at 919-851-5456. Let’s keep archery in their games!

Orange County Senior Games are a wrap!

Thanks to everyone who turned out to shoot and helped us keep things running smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without you. When the results are finalized, you can find them here. Just select your county from the drop down. You can see more pictures at on our Facebook site.

We will post information about the State Senior Games once we have more info.

7 archers (mail and female) with their gold medals standing with the judge in the center.
The Wolf Ridge crew at the end of the Orange Co. Senior games. 7 medals and one judge.

T-shirt pickup

The tshirts are IN! For those members who joined after we put in the order or if you just changed your mind and wish to get a shirt, we will have a selection of sizes and styles available for purchase at the field at the next practice. 

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