The News at Wolf Ridge Archery

The News at Wolf Ridge Archery

Wolf Ridge Archery is a fun, safe and shooting club for archers ages 8 and up.We welcome anybody who is interested. No experience or equipment is necessary. We’re here for you whether you are shooting for recreation or prepping for the next tournament.

Welcome everyone to our new site! It should be easier to read on computers, tablets and phones! You can access us anytime, anywhere!

WRA practice sign ups

From 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Please sign up by 10:00 am that Saturday

From 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Please sign up by 3:00pm that day.

Ready for the Vegas Shoot?

The Vegas Shoot will be in person this year! The important dates:

  • Pre-registration for 2021 participants: Oct 12-21.
  • Registration for all other participants opens on Oct. 22nd.
  • Early registration closes Jan 17.
  • Official practice: Feb 3
  • Junior Divisions: Feb 4-5
  • Flight & Championship Divisions: Feb 4-6.

If you are interested or need more information, visit their site.

USA Archery Indoor Nationals January 14 – February 27th

Indoor Nationals & the JOAD Indoor Nationals will take place at various locations/dates across the US. Slots in Virginia and Georgia go quickly. So if you plan to shoot, register early. Visit their Indoor Nationals site for more information.

Advanced Barebow Shooting Seminar Nov 19-21

First Flight Archery in Raleigh is hosting this seminar sponsored by the Barebow Project. It will cover: Shooting form and shot process, Equipment set up, Drills for Barebow Competition preparation, Competition strategy and the Building blocks of the mental game. Visit their Facebook page for details and registration info.

Club update: USA Archery memberships

USA Archery, who provides the club’s insurance coverage now requires all club members to purchase a USA Archery membership after three visits to club activities. We are sorry to have to ask you to add this expense, as we strive to keep fees as low as possible, but it is required.

There are several options for membership. The lowest is the recreational membership, which is only $15 per year. This provides a number of services, but does not allow the member to receive achievement pins or participate in tournaments. If you are not interested in competing, this is the one for you! The full memberships have several options-family, adult individual, youth individual. All the details of the different memberships can be seen on their benefits comparison chart. When you sign up, please select Wolf Ridge Archery as your club. That automatically associates you with us.

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