New archer information

New archer is currently suspended

Currently Wolf Ridge Archery is at capacity and is not accepting new archers at this time.

When we can accept new archers, we will announce it on the home page, this page and in our WRA Alerts news list. We’ll reopen a wait list at that time.

Thank you for your patience.

Sign up procedure

​During orientation new archers learn both safety requirements and basic conduct. This orientation is mandatory before archers can participate in regular practices and events.  If you would like to join us:

  1. Archers must be at least 8 years of age.
    • Youth under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the orientation.
  2. Please complete and sign the archery waiver form.
    • A form must be filled out for each new archer.
    • If the archer is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver.
    • If you do not fill it out online, you can print and bring a signed copy to orientation.  
    • No one will be allowed to shoot until all forms have been completed and signed by the appropriate folks.
  3. Start the registration process by following this link.
  4. Please use our Contact Update form to provide the Emergency contact information for each archer. 


Club fees

There is a membership fee per semester.  There are three semesters per year—Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer.  This membership fee covers field and equipment usage by archers and coaching and is used to purchase additional disposable items like targets, arrow parts (vanes, nocks, etc.) and replaces lost or damaged arrows.  Checks should be made payable to Wolf Ridge Archery. The fees can be paid per semester or on  a yearly basis:

  • Per semester payment fees
    • $35  per individual for a semester 
    • $75 per family for a semester (3 or more archers)
  • Yearly payment fees
    • ​ $95 for individuals for the year ($10 discount over the 3 semester payment plan)
    • $200 for a family (3 or more archers) for the year.($25 discount over the 3 semester payment plan)

Click here to start the registration process.

USA Archery membership fees

USA Archery, who provides the club’s insurance coverage now requires all club members to purchase a USA Archery membership after three visits to club activities. We are sorry to have to ask you to add this expense, as we strive to keep fees as low as possible, but it is required.

There are several options for membership. The lowest is the recreational membership, which is only $15 per year. This provides a number of services, but does not allow the member to receive achievement pins or participate in tournaments. If you are not interested in competing, this is the one for you! The full memberships have several options-family, adult individual, youth individual. All the details of the different memberships can be seen on their benefits comparison chart. When you sign up, please select Wolf Ridge Archery as your club. That automatically associates you with us.


Wolf Ridge Archery supplies basic archery equipment and coaching. Due to Covid, we are asking archers to purchase their own finger tab and arm guards as they are less easily sanitized. We will have those available for purchase or archers can purchase them locally or online from Eagle’s Flight Archery, First Flight Archery, Lancaster Archery, Walmart, Mace Sports, etc.

Our coaches support a range of styles: Longbow, Barebow, Olympic Recurve and Compound.    If archers wish to purchase equipment, coaches will be happy to discuss equipment sources and make recommendations based on the archer’s skill level and interest. 

Wolf Ridge Archery Alerts

If you wish to join, we recommend that you sign up to our Wolf Ridge Archery Alerts. We will use this list to notify folks when practices are rescheduled or cancelled due to weather or other events.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to answer any of your questions